All You Should Know About Steve Caballero

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Published: 08th December 2010
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Steve Caballero was sponsored just one 12 months after he commenced skateboarding. He's friendly, happy, and very talented. Steve invented many tips, more than likely the most famous becoming the "Caballaerial". He says he nonetheless enjoys skateboarding as significantly as when he 1st began, and is always beneficial.

Back in his prime, Steve Caballero would pull off massive backside airs (as significantly as 11 toes higher), and is one in the legendary skaters featured inside the well-known Bones Brigade skateboarding videos.

Now, Steve Caballero nonetheless skates in competitions at the Skate Legend degree.

What's your preferred place to ride right now? Properly, I just moved to Scotts Valley, but I still drive 20 minutes to San Jose everyday to skate. There's a couple of places that have definitely good blocks and a few schools with handrails on the weekends. I don't truly have a preferred spot, it just depends upon my temper that day specifically where I figure out just where I'd like to skate at.

What's your secret to studying methods? The key is referred to as perseverance, which means to keep attempting and don't quit. Persistence and a positive attitude also assists. Just bear in mind that skating is intended to become fun. Do not be so fast to criticize other skaters' capacity or accomplishment. Enjoy the achievements of others even though their ability could probably not be as large as your, 'cause bear in mind, at 1 time, you as well were once a novice! Help the sport by supporting each other.

What's your latest trick? The latest trick on mini-ramp is ollie to k-grind to fakie. On street I'm attempting to get an amazing deal of flip tricks wired and do them down larger gaps. Backside Smithgrinds on blocks is what I'm operating on now. On vert, just trying to relearn a great deal of my tricks again. Backside ollie reverts and someday 540šs again.

Steve Caballero has also released a CD generally known as Bandology (Classes Information) that features all of the bands he continues to be in.

Caballero is divorced from his original spouse with whom that they had a daughter, Kayla Leslie. Caballero remarried on July 14, 2006 to a woman named Rachel.

Steve Caballero Quote: "Just skate for fun, do not choose up a skateboard just due to the reality you would like to be a pro 1 day. Do not overlook why you began skating within the 1st place." (Download Pageant)

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